Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Full moon and a starving Luna

Hello peeps, Luna here, the little cute guinea piggy. 

See what I saw last week. Fullmoon! 
Did you see him too?
Mom and I, we love him. We stood there for hours, gazing at him.
If you missed him, here he is.

There was also a mini lunar eclipse to see on thursday. We nearly missed it because Mom forgot it. Then the tripod was not ready to hand and all the camera settings had to be done in the dark and in a hectic pace.
Here is what Mom finally got. 

And see what they had for coffee last sunday. The first strawberry cake this year.


Me. Starving.

 I have been outside in the garden with my piggy bro Lurchi Leopold. We still dont´t like it there and spent the most time hiding in our house.

Me and my Lurchi Leopold hiding in our house.

There are so many scary animals.


Neighbours pest cat.


But one good thing can be reported: Spring was here!

Spring tastes soo good!
We munched down all of Moms photo models hehe.

After three wonderful days of sunshine and warmth, we are back to cold and rainy weather.

But thats just how it is.... so we make the best of it.

Me, the supersnuggler!

See you soon!
Sniffles and quieks,
the Luna.

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21 Kommentare:

  1. Wonderful! I love the guinea pigs. I had one when I was little.

  2. Hallo Pia was eine schöne Sammlung.

    LG zum Abend vom katerchen der auch Ameisen bewundert hat,
    hoffe meine Bilder sind auch gelungen

  3. What an interesting post! So many lovely shots! The moon is fabulous and Luna is so sweet!!

  4. So sweet!!! Love them all. What great pictures. Now, is there any of that strawberry delectable left? I'm on my way!!!

    [did you link up at the Bird D'Pot this weekend?]

    1. Anni, this bird photos are poor... I will link up when I have good ones.
      Cake was done with whole grain flour but nevertheless, no leftovers :-)

  5. A delightful series of captures here, Pia. Your guinea pig is a real cutie and a great shot of the moon. Thanks for sharing (and stopping by my blog)

  6. Your shots are all awesome, inspiring, but that moon shot floating in space is an enigma. It is one of the most difficult to get, did once but can't repeat at all no matter how many tries. May i know your settings and exposure in the first photo? I smiled also at the guinea pig because they are such cuddly creatures. We have them 3x when there are youngsters in the house, but now adults so they are gone. Thanks for dropping by my post.

  7. Oh Pia, wunderschöne Fotos - wir haben den Vollmond auch gesehen, so schön - und erst deine Geschichte mit den Schweinchen, einfach köstlich!

    LG Sabine

  8. Wow, liebe Pia, das ist eine wunderbare Fotostrecke, üner den Mond, die Blumen und Kuchen zum Tierlein geschaut, fantastische Bilder...

    Liebe Grüsse von mir zu Dir


  9. Your photographs are beautiful, I love them all.

  10. Such a lovely series of images and commentary!!

  11. Kleine Luna,
    can't see u soon enough!!!!
    Wow, deinem Frauchen sind so wundervolle Fotos gelungen!
    Und wenn du bei diesem tollen Wetter tatsächlich lieber in deinem Häuschen sitzt, als auf der Wiese, dann bist du nicht hungrig genug!
    Dies ist wieder einer der Blog-Beiträge, die ich mir bestimmt noch häufiger anschauen werde!
    LG Laura

  12. Hey, schöner Blog :) ♥
    noch jemand aus BW *-*

  13. Beautiful series of photos and description. Love the moon photos.

  14. awww! your photos are absolutely stunning! i really like that second one. the one of the moon. it looks magical! great work on lighting.

    wish you a great week ahead~


    p.s. i love your photography/blog!!

  15. Hallo liebe Pia!
    O mano, war ich lange nicht mehr hier, wie bloß die Zeit vergeht... Ostern ist ja nun längst vorbei und Pfingsten steht schon vor der Tür.... ach und eeendlich kann ich dich mal wieder nach meinem ganzen "Tohuwabohu" besuchen;-),
    um dir nett mal wieder DANKESCHÖN sagen für deinen so lieben Kommentar in meinem Kartenblog;-)
    ♥lichen DANK!

    Sei aller♥lichst zum Wochenende gegrüßt, Barbara

  16. Hello Luna,thanks for visiting me mummy and me love little piggies,xx

  17. Hi Pia:
    What beautiful set of photographs.
    Is the neighbor's cat a bother?
    Thanks for a post about me :)

    Peace :)

  18. Hello Pia,

    I left a little note for you on my blog thanking you for being #60. You'll notice that I am 62 here at your blog, which means that you are winning!

    Your blog is beautiful, the moon shots are amazing and little Luna is adorable.


    Jo and Stella

  19. Hari OM
    Hello Pia - thanks for visiting MY TAKE today - am commenting on this older post only because it popped out as amazing with the moon shots... clearly we have similar tastes!! Was delighted, also, to discover you keep guinea pigs. I had a wonderful fellow called Jet and then added Jasper Cat and Jade dog. Perhaps you will like to read about them?. This link will take you to the first of their tales which come out every Monday.

    I have joined your site because I like what I see!! YAM xx