Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Good bye Lurchi Leopold!

Hello peeps it´s me, the Luna Piggy. With a heavy heart I have to share sad news today with you, our blog readers, and our friends from 

Today in the early morning my Guinea Pig Bro Lurchi Leopold waved good bye and went to another place where no emergency vet, animal clinic, shots and what not is needed. 
This little black piggy fought like a big black panther, but when the unidentified heavy sickness came again the third time, that was too much.

Lurchi Leopold, we will never forget you.
You have been a very special Guinea Pig. The first one we know, who was always controlling the doors if they were really closed or just left ajar you could get in to work on the cables, books, flip-flops and all that stuff that belongs to the floor :-)
We miss you!

We will be strong an act in honor to Lurchis spirit. I was a good Piggy Sissy to him. Maybe the bestest if you ask me. So if you are a Guinea Pig in need out there, looking for a furever home, I share my cage with you. And my food. Even strawberries, I promise!

Run free Lurchi Leopold!
A short half year little buddy.....