Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Full moon and a starving Luna

Hello peeps, Luna here, the little cute guinea piggy. 

See what I saw last week. Fullmoon! 
Did you see him too?
Mom and I, we love him. We stood there for hours, gazing at him.
If you missed him, here he is.

There was also a mini lunar eclipse to see on thursday. We nearly missed it because Mom forgot it. Then the tripod was not ready to hand and all the camera settings had to be done in the dark and in a hectic pace.
Here is what Mom finally got. 

And see what they had for coffee last sunday. The first strawberry cake this year.


Me. Starving.

 I have been outside in the garden with my piggy bro Lurchi Leopold. We still dont´t like it there and spent the most time hiding in our house.

Me and my Lurchi Leopold hiding in our house.

There are so many scary animals.


Neighbours pest cat.


But one good thing can be reported: Spring was here!

Spring tastes soo good!
We munched down all of Moms photo models hehe.

After three wonderful days of sunshine and warmth, we are back to cold and rainy weather.

But thats just how it is.... so we make the best of it.

Me, the supersnuggler!

See you soon!
Sniffles and quieks,
the Luna.

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Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Smelling the roses

Freitag letzte Woche hatte ich einen Tag Urlaub.Was kann man mit einem einzelnen Urlaubstag anfangen?
Zum Beispiel mit seiner Tochter in den Schwarzwald fahren und .....
..... die Seele baumeln lassen.

I have been off from work friday last week. What can be done with one single holiday?
For example you can went to the Black Forest and spent the weekend with your daughter .....
 ..... smelling the roses.

Einkaufen gehen. Fingernägel machen lassen. Nr. 28.  Neiiiin, nur Spaß!
Go shopping and get the nails done. Nr. 28. No, just kidding....


Ein paar Impressionen aus Lahrer ALtstadt. 
Some impressions from the old town of Lahr.


Altes Rathaus / Haus Franz / Hotel Sonne-Post  / Löwenapotheke

 Das Wahrzeichen von Lahr, der mittelalterliche Storchenturm.
Seit 40 Jahren haben hier keine Störche mehr gebrütet.
The town´s landmark, the medieval Stork Tower.
No storks have breeded here over the past 40 years.

Aber tataaa ...... dieses Jahr zeigt ein Storchenpaar Interesse und ich hatte das Glück, ein paar Fotos zu machen.

But tataaa .....  this year a couple of storks seems to take stock in the Stork Tower and lucky me got some photos.

Steht die Sonne tief, wirft ein Zwerg auch lange Schatten.
Sorry, I dont´t know any English/American idiom for this.

Die nächsten Bilder sind aus dem Stadtpark Lahr .
The following photos are taken at the urban park of Lahr.

Das ist unser Hotel.
This is our hotel.

Und bei diesem Empfangskomitee fühlt man sich gleich wohl.
And this welcoming committee makes you feel comfortable at once.

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Samstag, 6. April 2013

Gute Nacht!

Hier sagen sich Fuchs und Hase Gute Nacht. Schlaft gut!

I just want to say good night with some bedtime photos from the middle of nowhere. Sleep well!

Und träumt was Schönes! Zum Beispiel von diesem wunderschönen Ausblick aus dem Küchenfenster.....

And have a beautiful dream. For example about having this panoramic view from the kitchen window.....

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