Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

On the top of the bridge

Hello peeps, your piggy Luna here. 
It was a rough week.

Last Monday we expected to have a nice public holiday. But see what happened. 
I found my sweet bro Lurchi Leopold all weak and sick. He could not walk and not even hold his head straight.

He refused to eat and to drink.

We had to face the fact that he is on the top of the rainbow bridge. 
So we rushed him to the emergency vet.


He got three (!!!) shots.  Antibiotica, Prednisolon and a booster to bring him back on his feetsies.
Back home, we put him under the heating lamp and I kept him company.

We offered him his favorite food but he refused all the goodies. 

I told him that he please please should not let go. That we love him. That we will have a lot of adventures together.

And he drunk some tea... 

My human sissi came to help.

I made sure that all the food she offered to my Lurchi Leopold was best quality.

She finally made him eat a little critical care (special food the vet gave us).
 For the rest of the week we went to our regular vet every day and Lurchi got three shots each visit.

We were really anxious about him.
But see even neighbors pest cat came to support us and to bring the power of the paws. 

After 15 shots and syringe feeding 5 days Lurchi Leopold is back in the game. He has to gain weight now.
But gaining weight is no problem if you ask me.

It was very loud outside this afternoon. Something was going on. Maybe our Dad the policeman comes for a cup of coffee? Ah just kidding. He is not a coffee drinker, he prefers tea :-)

Our feathered friend was not amused.

Please friends and furiends keep fingers and paws crossed for Lurchi Leopold.
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