Sonntag, 22. September 2013


Schwarz Rot Gelb Grün.......

Wer darf in der 18. Wahlperiode hier unter dem Bundesadler Platz nehmen?
Who will be allowed to take a seat underneath the Federal Eagle for the 18. legislativ period?

  Das Blau der Stühle wurde eigens für den Bundestag entworfen und nennt sich "Reichstagsblue". 
Da es keine "Blauen" gibt, wird auch keine Partei bevorzugt.

The blue of the seats is a special design for the German Bundestag, called "Reichstagsblue".
As there are no "Blues" there is no preferential treatment for any party.

Egal welche Farbe euch am liebsten ist, ein Besuch im Bundestag lohnt sich. Die Führungen sind informativ und gleichzeitig unterhaltsam,
die Glaskuppel ist wunderschön.

Whatever color you like best, the Bundestag is worth to visit. The guided tours are informative and enertaining
and the glass dome is beautiful.


 Von hier oben hat man eine ganz besondere Sicht auf Berlin.
You will have a special view from up there.


Hier hatte -und hat- Angela Merkel ihr Büro.
Here was -and is- Angela Merkels office.

Angi.... Angi.... where will this lead us from here?

Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Back to blogging


Hallo dear blog readers, I am Luigi, guinea pig from Italy. I heard about cute guinea pig girl Luna who was looking for somepig to share cage and food. 

So I took my Vespa to drive all the way from Napoli, give it a try and make her smile again. 

Here I am greeting the whole family.

Checking out the cage. 
Look what the peeps created for security and what we pigs did by ourselves. Hehe.

Here I learn how to get in and out of the cage by my own. 
I am a quick learner.

The promised sharing of the food. We both can improve that part of the deal.

Checking out the garden.

I think I will stay here.


What do you think about my new furever friend?
 I like him very much. But I don´t believe he came from Napoli. With a Vespa.

He is an Italian Gigolo I think! He was driven by his own chauffeur. He had salad, carrots and bags of treats in his luggage in case we were not prepared for a guest like him :-)


Luigi was thrown away like trash but luckyly found from someone who brought him to an animal shelter. I read this advertisement in the newspaper, took my phone and two hours later, Gino reached his new home. We named him Luigi.

In my head I wrote a lot of post the last weeks.

About a wonderful girls weekend at Cologne with my daughter.

About the view I love when I call it a day at CERN.

About a nice young man with no facebook account or email adress I met at Geneva. 
Finally, as promised, here are your photos!

About my new lenses. 


About my broken toe.

About a wedding I was invited.

About  one of the cutest guests I ever had.

Now I am back and ready to make the posts real.

I share this post with our animal friends from