Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013

Naughty and nice!

Hello peeps, it is us, the pigs Luna and Luigi. 
We had no post for Christmas because Mom was lazy busy.

 Guess what, we have been naughty.
 SOMEONE, who will stay unnamed here, gnawed holes in the curtain.

One is shaped like a heart. We think this is very nice, not naughty...

 Mom the moron left her camera on the floor and then blamed us for nibbling at the eye-piece. She is naughty too!

We had a visitor. His name is Hoppel. He gnawed on our toys. Naughty!

 It was Mom´s birthday and.....

she made this cake. Like many times before.

Look what happened. She messed the recipe and the guests had to eat their cake out of a bowl. (But it tasted good and we will not blame her because she is old)

Can you believe this naughtiness? She bought herself a lens as a gift for birthday and Christmas together.


We had a photoshooting for our Christmas card but, as you can see, with no useful result.

Our "helping hand" was not helpful with all the preps for Christmas. Naughty!
(Moms´ fault, she got a new birdfeeder that came with crappy screws and Dad the policeman overstrained the wrist) 

We had two more guests to take care for because our naughty human sissy spent some weeks at Hobbit Land.

They make a super mess while they take their sand-bath.

But they are awful cute.

Come to the naughty side, we share the food :-)
 Thanks for beeing our blogfriends!
Your piggies Luna and Luigi.

Some words from Mom...

Ich wünsche Euch einen Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr und alles Gute für 2014!
Danke für eure Besuche auf meinem Blog, für Kommentare, Emails und persönliche Worte.

Have a happy and sucessful New Year! Thank you for visiting my blog, for your comments and emails.

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