Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Back to blogging


Hallo dear blog readers, I am Luigi, guinea pig from Italy. I heard about cute guinea pig girl Luna who was looking for somepig to share cage and food. 

So I took my Vespa to drive all the way from Napoli, give it a try and make her smile again. 

Here I am greeting the whole family.

Checking out the cage. 
Look what the peeps created for security and what we pigs did by ourselves. Hehe.

Here I learn how to get in and out of the cage by my own. 
I am a quick learner.

The promised sharing of the food. We both can improve that part of the deal.

Checking out the garden.

I think I will stay here.


What do you think about my new furever friend?
 I like him very much. But I don´t believe he came from Napoli. With a Vespa.

He is an Italian Gigolo I think! He was driven by his own chauffeur. He had salad, carrots and bags of treats in his luggage in case we were not prepared for a guest like him :-)


Luigi was thrown away like trash but luckyly found from someone who brought him to an animal shelter. I read this advertisement in the newspaper, took my phone and two hours later, Gino reached his new home. We named him Luigi.

In my head I wrote a lot of post the last weeks.

About a wonderful girls weekend at Cologne with my daughter.

About the view I love when I call it a day at CERN.

About a nice young man with no facebook account or email adress I met at Geneva. 
Finally, as promised, here are your photos!

About my new lenses. 


About my broken toe.

About a wedding I was invited.

About  one of the cutest guests I ever had.

Now I am back and ready to make the posts real.

I share this post with our animal friends from


20 Kommentare:

  1. congratulations to luigi for finding your loving home! so sweet!

    hope your toe is better by now! ouch!

  2. Hello, Luigi! It's nice to meet you. We love that you came all the way from Napoli to find Luna. Hehe, we guess you guys didn't need your own space after all!
    Melon loves that you piggies climb in and out of the cage by yourselves. She says she always wanted to put a ramp in the front of my cage like that, but she never did it.
    Oh, Luna, how clever you are to work out he is a gigolo! If he is one, he certainly came well-prepared! Cocoa tells you to take care and keep an eye on him! You may be right! He does have that look about him... he does get bonus points for the little crest though.
    Melon thinks it is wonderful that a homeless piggy has now found a home. She's also glad Luna has a friend - she regrets that it is too late to get Cocoa a friend, even though he is quite happy by himself.
    And Pia, we write posts in our heads too! Well, usually I think them up and then wait for Melon to help me post them. Typing takes such an awfully long time when you are a pig. We didn't know you had a daughter. Is that you in the first photo? You have beautiful hair. You work at CERN! That's really cool! And about the young man you met ... it's not easy to meet someone with no online identity at all! Sorry to hear about your broken toe... it sounds like it's been an eventful time! Beautiful photos.
    Okay, enough babbling from us...
    Cocoa and Melon

  3. I am happy to see you and your fur friends!!!!!!!! Wonderful Summer post

    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  4. Ich freue mich, wieder von dir zu lesen und deine tollen Bilder zu betrachten. Schön, dass euer Meerschweinchen wieder einen Freund hat. Die beiden haben es ja richtig gut bei euch mit ihrem Freilauf!
    Gute Besserung für deinen Zeh!

    LG SAbine

  5. Ich gerne diese photos! FANTASTICH!!!!!!!!
    I also have a photography blog (of cats)


  6. Hallo Pia
    schön das es nun wieder 2 Schweinchen sind.:D
    Der Zeh.oh ist puste mal dann wird er schnell ganz gesund.
    2 neue Objektive toll
    LG vom katerchen der einen guten Wochenstart wünscht

  7. Hari oM
    Hello Luigi!!! Oh yes indeed there is a twinkle in the eye and I do love your colours. Lookout Luna!!! Pia - what a delight to find you back with us - missed you,even though our acquaintance short. I echo some of the comments from Cocoa and Melon re CERN, daughter, and toe... I have broken toes three times since being in the ashram - the furniture here doesn't move when it gets kicked in the dark...&*< ooooooocccccchhhhhh.

    New lenses look great and the dragon fly is special - is that a possum of some sort you had visit???

    Hugs, YAM xx

  8. Hi Luigi and Pia,you have been busy haven't you,we can' wait to hear all about you adventures in more detail,xx Rachel and Speedy

  9. Liebe Pia, Du und Deine Beiträge, ihr habt mir gefehlt! Schön, wieder von Dir zu lesen!
    Was für ein Glück, dass Luigi ein wunderbares neues Zuhause bei Euch gefunden hat! Er hat wirklich etwas von einem Gigolo, auf jeden Fall ne Menge Charme, kein Wunder, dass Luna sich gut mit ihm versteht!
    Auch Deine anderen Bilder sind toll und geben einen Einblick in die letzten Wochen in Deinem Leben, Danke dafür!
    Liebe Grüße

  10. Hallo liebe Pia, ich freue mich sehr, dich hier wieder zu lesen!♥
    Schön, dass eure Luna nun wieder einen richtigen Freund hat! ;o))
    Ich freue mich, auf neue Post`s von dir!
    Gute Besserung deinem Zeh... o.O *autsch*
    sei lieb gegrüßt, ich freu mich sehr...

  11. Was such a pleasure to go through your post!! Loved it!

  12. We just luv squeaky piggies too :-) x

  13. Lovely series of the beautiful pictures..such a Great post. love it...

  14. Sounds like you've had quite some adventures. Those guinea pigs are so cute - it's hard to believe that somebody could simply throw one away.

  15. Ouch! Your poor toe, I hope it heals quickly. Luigi and Luna look very happy together. I am glad that Luna has found a happy and loving home. The other photos were wonderful and I enjoyed my visit, thank you so much.

  16. Ahhhh - Pia! So viel in einem (klasse) Post!!!
    Luigi im Garten - der kennt ja gar keine Scheu. Ihn muss ich dringend persönlich kennen lernen. Ich freue mich so für ihn und Luna.
    Und ich habe das Siebenschläferfoto gefunden!!!!!

    LG Laura

  17. Luna! Are you still happy with that handsome Luigi? I don't think he is a gigolo, just a fellow who got dumped and wants a nice home and girl. Now he has all he needs.

    How is your toe, Pia? Can you predict rain from it yet?

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  18. Pia, there are so many fun things in this post, I wish I had time to sit for an hour and comment about all of them! That little Luigi is a heartbreaker for sure! I am trying to post a little more frequently now but I don't know how long that will last. Every day brings new challenges! Wishing you a wonderful autumn!

  19. Some very cute guests you attract.
    I can't wait to see what kinds of close-up shots the new macro lenses are going to produce.
    I bet they are going to be fabulous!!

    Peace :)